La Fiera Primitivo Salento IGT 2015

Estate: The Botter family has been producing wines under environmentally friendly practices since 1928. Today, the company is managed by the family’s third generation and specializes in wines of the Veneto region of northern Italy. With its association with fairs, the carousel has been the symbol of the Botter family for centuries. The name La Fiera, translates to “The Fair” and refers to the medieval riding fairs in northern Italy. Fairs took place in royal courts and featured lavishly decorated horses and highly skilled riders performing synchronized formations. The carousal with its wooden horses on a rotating platform was developed to replicate the riders at these fairs.

Tasting Notes: Red violet in colour, wonderfully aromatic with notes of blueberry, raspberry and cigar box spice. Jammy black cherry and blueberry are complimented by earth, pepper spice and a trace of summer woods. Silky tannins fuse with mocha and caramel on the plush, fruity finish. Tasty on its own, a fantastic pairing with pizza and pastas. [It was lovely with eggplant parmigiana.]

Pairing Suggestions from the Winery: Pizza, rich pastas, firm cheeses, stews, burgers.

Enjoy at 65°F [18°C]

100% Primitivo
Salento IGT
Bottled by Casa Vinicola Botter Carlo & C. S.P.A.
13% Alcohol
$9 [average price]
Enjoy now thru 2019

Cantina di Sava Palmento Galilei Tradizionale 2013


Estate: Third generation winemaker Paolo Mancino revitalized his family estate of Cantina di Sava with a dream of reviving the traditions and “old cellar” of the family winery and demonstrating the potential of the area. The estate is located in Sava a region of Salento in Puglia in southern Italy. Paolo produces 3 versions of Primitivo, the “classic” Green Wing, “Barrique” Yellow Wing and “the traditional” Red Wing. The Red Wing wine honors the “long forgotten” wines that were traditionally crafted in the Sava region in the 1960’s.

Philosophy: “I wanted to believe in tradition and in what most characterizes the my country and myself. I want to send a message to my peers, young people, like never before, do not see a future. Look inside, I am sure you will find the right path. My opinion, of course, for those who decide to stay in Puglia, is to enhance what we have and that nobody can ever take away: the earth, the sea, the sun.”

Winemaking: Grapes were sourced from vineyards with calcareous tuff [a porous volcanic rock] soil. Fermented in stainless steel, aged for 5 months in stainless steel, then for 3 more months in the bottle.

Tasting Notes: Dark garnet with brick highlights in colour, with cozy aromas of wild berries, ancho chili and earth. Wild berry pie in character, with the tart berries dusted with sweet, peppery spice. Lively acidity and silky smooth tannins underscore the palate cleansing, tart fruit finish that keeps you reaching for more. Well composed and engaging, this is fantastic on its own, and even better with spicy/hearty dishes.

100% Primitivo
Salento Primitivo IGP
Estate Bottled by Cantina di Sava Paolo Mancino
14% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2017

Fatalone ‘Teres’ Primitivo Puglia IGT 2014


Estate: The estate was founded in the late 19th century by Nicola Petrera when he built his home and planted Primitivo vines in Gioia del Colle, a small town in the heart of Puglia, southern Italy. The name ‘Fatalone’ was born with Nicola’s son, Filippo, whose nickname was Il Fatalone [which translates to Lady Killer, or “one who can boast to be an irresistible seducer of women”]. Filippo had quite the Don Juan reputation; he lived to be 98 years old, “metaphorically speaking between Bacchus and Venus, having breakfast every morning till his last day with half a litre of Primitivo and half a litre of fresh milk”. The passion for Primitivo grapes has been handed down from father to son; today the estate is headed by the 5th generation, Filippo Petrera.

The family has always practiced organic methods; in 2000 they became certified organic, followed by sustainable certification in 2007. Using solar power, their entire production from vineyard to cellar is 100% sustainable, and they have a carbon neutral rating. Music is played during ageing in the cellar, “a mix of classical music and sounds from nature to support the micro oxygenation and the activity of the living micro flora present in our natural wines”.

Philosophy: We want our wine to proudly mirror the territory, the soil and the men who are its authors.

Winemaking: Grapes are sourced from an 8 hectare vineyard planted in 1990. The vineyard is located on rocky hills 365 meters above sea level with soils that are a mix of clay, limestone, silica, thin layers of red earth and rocks that are rich in marine fossils. Grapes were fermented “in contact with the skins for 30 hours almost like for a rose wine”, using only naturally occurring yeasts. Aged for 12 months in stainless steel tanks, then for 3 months in the bottle.

This light red is best enjoyed with a slight chill, the winery states: “Our ancestors produced this wine because they wanted to have a wine, structured like a Primitivo red wine, which could be enjoyed at cooler temperatures during the Summer.”

Tasting Notes: Sunset red in colour [I lifted this from the winemaker’s notes, as I think it’s the most accurate way to describe such a unique colour], with aromas of fresh berries and floral hints. Sweet red berry fruits are accented by a tingling acidity, finishing with clean minerals. Refreshing, unconventional and engaging, your glass will empty rather swiftly.

100% Primitivo
Puglia IGT
Estate Bottled by Azienda Agricola Petrera P. Di Orfino R. Gioia Del Colle
13% Alcohol
Enjoy now

Tratturi Primitivo Salento IGT 2013


A great value; friendly and well balanced with a spicy core that stands up to hearty dishes.

Brand: I was unable to locate any estate information, the only details I found are below.

Tratturi is the word for the ancient trails in the countryside of Pulia in southern Italy that shepherds used to bring their animals down from the mountains to the fields.

Winemaking: Fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks.

Tasting Notes: Dark red-violet in colour with aromas of vanilla and smoky barbeque. Blackberry and cherry flavours join grilled herbs and earth notes, whilst black peppercorn, licorice and lingering traces of black cherry comprised the plush finish.

100% Primitivo
Salento IGT
Bottled by Caleo Fossalta di Piave
13% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2016

Rated 88 points by Wine Advocate

Andis Indian Creek Vineyard Primitivo 2011


Andis Wines is a boutique winery founded in 2010 by Andy Friedlander and Janis Akuna, two entrepreneurs from Hawaii. Located in Amador County in the Sierra foothills, they purchased Andis vineyard with its 35+ year old vines, with the goal to “craft delicious wines with balance, character and complexity”. Currently they dry farm 25 acres of vineyards and have established long-term relationships with small, local growers in both Amador and El Dorado counties to purchase additional grapes. Their dominant belief is that “wine is one of life’s kindest pleasures; while we have an amazing time filling these bottles, it’s our hope that you have an even greater time getting them empty”.

A spectacular example of the alluring characteristics of Primitivo, with jammy black cherry and blueberry flavours drizzled with sweet caramel notes, intersected by silky smooth tannins. Spicy pink peppercorn, cigar box spice, dried herbs and plush dark chocolate lingered tantalizingly between each sip. A perfect balance of dense fruit, silky tannins and cozy spices that will keep you reaching for more.

100% Primitivo [Zinfandel]
Amador County
Produced & Bottled by Andis Wines
13.5% Alcohol
$25 [Available only at select retailers, I recommend purchasing here from my friends at Winestyr .]
Enjoy now thru 2015

Sample submitted for review purposes