Château De La Chesnaie Muscadet Sѐvre et Maine 2011

In the heat of summer when I’m longing for the ocean I pop open a bottle of Muscadet and envision that I’m standing in the sand with my toes dipping in the glorious salt water. As I was in need of an nearly end of the week rescue, I popped open Château de la Chesnaie Muscadet Sѐvre et Maine 2011. Bernard Chéreau currently manages the 267 acre family owned estate that dates back to the 15th century. Bernard is passionate about his vines and their location; he separates different vines such as 60 year old Muscadet vines or pre-phyloxerra vines that date back to the turn of the last century, into individual parcels in each vineyard. During production he uses only indigenous yeasts and employs extended lees contacts to bring the varietal characteristics to the forefront.

Pale straw in colour, the aroma of a salty sea breeze rose invitingly from the glass. Subtle citrus notes mingled with restorative sea minerals and traces of fresh, snappy bell pepper in the light body so crisp it was almost effervescent.  Hints of nutmeg surfaced amongst briny minerals and wet stones in the invigorating finish. The perfect accompaniment to shellfish, but also lovely on its own or with any light meal, each energizing sip transports you to the sea.

100% Muscadet [Melon de Bourgogne]
Sѐvre et Maine
Mis en Bouteille au Château [Estate Bottled]
12% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2014

Amphibolite Nature Muscadet 2010

My husband and I were getting ready to go see The Avengers, and as it was rather humid out, I fancied a nicely chilled white wine. I poured a glass of Amphibolite Nature Muscadet 2010 and hunted about for my incognito, glass lined nalgene bottle. Domaine de la Louvetrie was established by Pierre Landron in 1945 and is now headed by his son Jo.  Under Jo’s direction, the vineyards were completely organic by 1999, and in 2008 they became fully biodynamic. There are zero chemicals used, and various biodynamic methods such as ploughing the vineyards to reduce weeds, leaf thinning to discourage rot and natural fermentation [without cultured yeasts] are practiced. The Amphibolite Nature is Landron’s entry level cuvée and is was named for the amphibole, a local metamorphic green stone prevalent in the soil it was grown in.
Pale yellow in colour, aromas of apple, melon and sea salt minerals swirled about in my glass. Fermented in glass-lined cement vats, crisp granny smith apple and clean herbaceous elements flourished and were supported by a bright acidity in the light body. Sea salt minerals, stone notes and traces of zesty citrus composed the short, yet vivid finish. Clean and refreshing, this is a fantastic, easy drinking glass for the patio, dinner table or anywhere on a sultry summer’s day.
100% Muscadet
Sѐvre et Maine
Mis en Bouteille a la Propriété par Joseph Landron [Estate Bottled]
11.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2013