Judeka Frappato Vittoria DOC 2014


Winery: Judeka was founded in 2007 by a group of passionate Sicilian entrepreneurs, led by Valentina Nicodemo. Beginning with nothing but land, they have quickly developed into a stunning winery captained by a group of passionate winemakers. With an awareness of the impact winemaking takes on the environment, the winery is driven to be as carbon neutral as possible. A photovoltaic system provides all of their electricity needs, an artificial wetland system has been introduced to treat wastewater, which is then returned to the vines in an irrigation system.

Philosophy: “Respect for nature and the consumer.”

Winemaking: Strict organic methods are followed in the vineyard and winery.

Tasting Notes: Brilliant ruby red in colour with aromas of black cherry, strawberry, clove, and the slightest wisp of menthol. Flavours mirror the aromas; a sublime combo of soft tannins and bright acidity backs black cherry, black currant and a hint of rosemary. Blackberry and warmly spiced clove notes linger on the savoury finish. Friendly and engaging, fantastic on its own or with a wide variety of dishes.

100% Frappato
Vittoria DOC
Produced & Bottled by Judeka SRL
13% Alcohol
$20 [average price]
Enjoy now

Rated 88 points by Wine Enthusiast

Feudo di Santa Tresa Frappato Terre Siciliane IGP 2015


A native grape of Sicily, with Sangiovese as one of its parents, Frappato produces fresh, tart, light bodied wines.

Estate: Dating back to 1697 [and consistently been producing wine since then], Feudo di Santa Tresa is headed by Stefano Girelli. Located in Vittoria, southern Sicily the estate consists of about 50 hectares of vineyards. Promoting an organic, sustainable ecosystem, the estate focuses their “attention on nature, in order to emphasize its qualities, rather than exploiting or modifying it”. They are committed “to championing local indigenous grape varieties”. In addition they have recently introduced a local Sicilian bee species to the estate, which will aid in natural pollination. All of the packaging is recycled and free of chemicals, right down to the vegetable based ink on the recycled label.

Philosophy: To “work in harmony with nature to make expressive, organic wines full of Sicilian character and soul”.

Winemaking: The estate takes a holistic approach to every aspect of winemaking. Certified organic, the family grown grapes are cultivated using sustainable, time honoured methods such as cover crops and natural herbicides.

Tasting Notes: Brilliant transparent garnet in colour with aromas of strawberry and dusty earth. Sour cherry, wild strawberry and whimsical hints of watermelon are buoyed by bright acidity. Sour candy flavours along with hints of white pepper comprise the fruity finish. Fresh, light and fruity, this is fantastic on its own and with a wide variety of dishes. [Tamlyn Curri writes in her review on Jancis Robinson’s website: “It’s a wine that begs to be chilled.” Indeed, 20 minutes in the fridge and the silky fruit flavours really pop.]

Pairing Suggestions from the Winery: Grilled or barbequed poultry and tomato-based pasta dishes go very well Frappato and it complements certain fish dishes brilliantly.

Frappato [I could not verify variatel percentage.]
Terre Siciliane IGP
Bottled by COD. IT/FI 15632 on behalf of Santa Tresa SRL
13% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2017

COS ‘Pithos Rosso’ Vittoria Rosso DOC 2013


Winery: Located in the southeastern corner of Sicily, Azienda Agricola COS was established in 1980 by three friends with a mission to “recreate the work of their ancestors” and to interpret the unique terroir of Vittoria. The name COS is an acronym of the founders Giambattista [Titta] Cilia, Giusto Occhipinti and Cirino Strano. Cirino left the company to pursue a career in medicine, and over the years Titta and Giusto have continued to expand the estate by acquiring nearby land. ‘Pithos’ [the Greek word for a large storage container] was born in 2000 when they became fascinated by ancient Greek cellaring methods and began working with clay amphorae [terracotta jars] the Greeks used thousands of years ago. In 2007 they built a new winery and replaced all of the oak barrels in their cellar with 150 amphorae.

Philosophy: “If you listen to nature and respect it, the wine becomes a mirror of the land and of your soul. This will never happen if we do not accept the idea that wine must be an expression of the land, vineyard, and culture. Our wines are the history of a land and tell us.”

Winemaking: In the quest to express and protect the terroir of the land, they practice biodynamic viticulture along with ancient Greek cellar methods, such as fermenting and ageing in clay amphorae that are partially buried in the ground. The clay jars facilitate the ability of the wine to breath, and the aspects of the vineyard and varietal are more clearly appreciated, thereby allowing the wines to “represent their time and place”. “When committing to making wine without any chemical influences, nor following any recipes, and allowing nature to have the primary influence on the path of the wine, vinification in terracotta is the inevitable decision. The choice is not ideological, but ethical.” As with all of their wines, only indigenous yeasts are used, no “external substances” are added.

Tasting Notes: Garnet in colour with intriguing aromas of red currant, olive and white peppercorn. Medium bodied, with wild berry notes wrapping around an earthy core, particularly truffles and forest elements which are brightend by clean, tart fruit. Suave, dry tannins and more earthy notes comprise the finish. Alluring and well balanced this is lovely with a wide variety of dishes.

60% Nero d’Avola, 40% Frappato
Vittoria Rosso DOC
Estate Bottled by Azienda Agriola COS
12% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2016