Consulting Services

“Off-premise sales of organic and biodynamic wines have surged during the last four years: the year ending March 20, 2021, organic wine sales totaled $154 million, compared to just $27.2 million for the year ending March 25, 2017. Year-over-year, organic wine sales increased 21 percent by value and nearly 17 percent by volume.” -Nielsen

While traditional wine retailers may carry a few wines that fall under the natural category, there is a growing class of consumers that are seeking these wines out exclusively and specifically. Both food and wine arenas are seeing a huge demand for ethical and sustainable production, free of chemicals and additives. Organic, vegetarian, vegan, Paleo, Keto are all niche food markets that are now seeking out natural, eco-friendly wines. 

Notably, it is consumer interest that is driving the sales of natural wines. 

With over a decade in wine journalism I have developed relationships throughout the wine industry; winemakers and the various winemaking organizations, wine bar and shop owners, importers and trade colleagues. These connections and friendships are advantageous for staying at the forefront of wine knowledge, innovation and trends.

Natural Wine Selections for Wine Shops

Cara Vino will create a bespoke, market analysis-driven sales plan for your shop: 

  • Maximizing potential for first entry into the natural wine market
  • Expansion of existing selection 
  • Transition into a focus on natural wine 
  • For the already established natural wine shop, having an extra eye on acquiring those highly allocated bottles and cult favorites.

This service will provide invaluable insight into penetration of this aggressively expanding market and create an implementation plan for sales training, customer education and increased sales.

I concentrate on meticulously selecting wines that are expressing their distinct sense of place and varietal, along with a budget-conscious focus that is aimed at driving sales and customer engagement. These selections and marketing insights are customized specifically for each client; encompassing location, demographics, current sales trajectories and competitive strategies.

A curated, high demand and eco-friendly selection of wines will distinguish your shop from the standard big-box, commonplace wine and liquor retailer.  Basic services customarily include:

  • Analysis of current sales, surrounding businesses, restaurants and clientele
  • Staff development and training
  • All wine selections include certified specialist tasting notes and a quick “shelf talker” of features unique to that particular bottle or producer
  • Educational classes and tastings

Additionally, Cara Vino offers specialty packages, such as;

  • Curation of monthly wine subscriptions 
  • Turn-key platform procurement, organization and management
  • Creation and/or revamping of Italian wine selection
  • Delimited risk-free curation packages
  • Retainer and single engagement services 
  • Vendor Management

Curated restaurant and wine bar services would include, in addition to the applicable foregoing:

  • Wine list analysis, creation and upkeep
  • Restaurant-specific staff development and training
  • Educational classes/events and curated tastings
  • Cellar building, buying, and organization