Ptujska Klet Pullus Pinot Grigio 2015

Winery: One of the largest and oldest cellars in Slovenia, Ptujska Klet is located in the steep, winegrowing hills surrounding the city of Ptu. The oldest town in Slovenia, winemaking dates back to at least 69 AD when it was the Roman town of Poetovio.

Philosophy: “We believe in our wines. We believe in Pullus. We know why :)”

Winemaking: Grapes were sourced from vineyards with layered gravel, clay and marl soil. An orange wine, with the white grapes being produced as if they were red, with maceration of crushed skins and seeds. Macerated for 72 hours with the skins, partial lees and aging with 10% neutral oak aging.

Tasting Notes: Pale copper in colour, highly aromatic with peach, melon, minerals and a touch of citrus. Lush peach, apricot and melon flavours in the nearly medium body culminate in a smooth dry finish, pink grapefruit and white pepper linger between each sip. Not your typical Pinot Grigio, this is lovely on its own or able to stand up to a wide variety of dishes.

Pairing Suggestions from the Winery: Perfect for pasta, white meat and young cheeses.

100% Pinot Grigio
Produced and Bottled by Ptujska Klet
13% Alcohol
Enjoy now

Quattro Mani Toh-kai 2009

Due to another heat wave [92 degrees in the middle of April] I found myself reaching for a nicely chilled bottle of white to accompany my dinner centering on whole wheat couscous with smoked cheddar, shallots and cilantro pesto. I fancied something bold and on the sweeter side, yet bright and herbaceous, which made me think of a Friulano, so I plucked a bottle of Quattro Mani Toh-kai 2009 from the fridge. Quattro Mani was established by Italian wine importer Paolo Domenghetti. His concept was to have 4 winemakers create wines representing different Italian regions, utilizing only estate grown grapes, sustainable agriculture and bottling at the estate. The Movia Winery in Slovenia is a stone’s throw from vineyards in the Friuli region of Italy. It was established in 1700 and is biodynamic since being purchased by the Kristancic family in 1820. Today Aleš Kristancic continues on in the family tradition of sustainable, biodynamic, meticulous, low-yield farming, producing fewer than 6,ooo cases of wine a year.

Straw yellow in colour, aromas of orange blossom and freshly cut grass rose from my glass. Vinified in stainless steel for vivid flavours, tart granny smith apple mingled with traces of zippy lemon and fresh herbaceous elements in the medium body.  A balancing, cheerful acidity kept things lively, whilst the finish of sweet honey and refreshing mint skillfully merged into bitter almond notes and elongated the bright finish, bestowing an intriguing mix of sweet and bitter that keeps you reaching for more. This is an expressive, easy drinking glass of sunshine that brightens up any occasion.

100% Tocai
Estate Bottled by Movia Ceglo 18, 5212 Dobrovo
12.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now