Stobi Vranec 2012


Estate: Stobi winery is a new, modern estate located in Gradsko, next to the ancient site of Stobi in central Macedonian. They have 200 hectares of Vranec vineyards, with vines ranging in age from 25 to 40 years. This is a “classic” Vranec “that focuses on bright juicy fruit with its typical morello cherry and licorice notes, making tasty drinking for everyday”.

Winemaking: The estate crafts “clean” wines, they do not use chemicals or pesticides, and their sulphur use is 30-50% lower then the average winery. Vinified in stainless steel and aged in French oak casks.

Philosophy: “We are committed to creating wines of superb and impeccable quality. Wines that are unique enough to satisfy the most selective tastes, and so simple for anyone to desire them.” They very eloquently state: “The grapes carry in themselves the soil and the climate in which they grew up. That is the soul of the wine. It unites the elements of nature with the power, wisdom and spirit of the people of the land. We keep the covenant of our ancestors. Through the wine, we unite the past and the future, the tradition of the old masters in harmony with the modern knowledge and technology, so to steal a small part of immortality and pack it in a bottle full of wine, a bottle full of passion for life.”

Tasting Notes: Inky violet in colour with pronounced aromas of campfire and sweet peppery spice. Herbaceous elements and earthy tree bark elements underscore concentrated red currant, cherry and plum notes, whilst hints of dark chocolate highlight the smoky black peppercorn finish. Intense and rustic, this is an engaging sip well worth seeking out, and a fantastic companion with the heartiest of dishes.

100% Vranec
Vinted and Bottled by Stobi Winery
14.5% alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2016

Wine Art Estate ‘Techni Alipas’ White 2012

IMG_3692 copy

Estate: Wine Art Estate was created by Yannis Papadopoulos and Yannis Kalaitzidis when Papadopoulos began planting vines in a small family vineyard in 1993. Today the estate consists of 16 hectares of vineyards, with an additional 10 hectares that were planted in 2009. The estate is located near the little village of Mikrochori, 5km from Drama overlooking Mt Pangeon, and the ancient home of the Sanctuary of Dionysus. With it’s association with Dionysus, the God of grape harvesting and winemaking, the area has a long history of producing wine that goes all the way back to the ancient Greeks. Techni Alipias translates to “the art of making people forget their sorrows” in Greek.

Philosophy: “To present how well certain Greek and cosmopolitan varieties are adapted to the microclimate of Drama.”

Tasting Notes: Golden yellow in colour with aromas of apple and grassy earth. The small amount of Assyrtiko softens the Sauvignon Blanc; flavours of red apple drizzled in honey were balanced by crisp minerals, whilst pineapple and spicy ginger elements comprised the fresh finish.

90% Sauvignon Blanc, 10% Assyrtiko
PGID [Protected Geographical Indication Drama]
Produced and Bottled by I. Papadopoulos, I. Kalaitzidis
13% Alcohol
Enjoy now

Rated 90 points by the Wine Advocate

Harlaftis Nemea Red 2011


Crafted from the Agiorgitiko grape which has been cultivated in the Nemea region of the Peloponnese on the east coast of Greece since ancient times, this is a subdued, contemplative glass.

Estate: Domaine Harlaftis was founded in 1932 by Nikos Athanassiadis, a successful raisin merchant. He was drawn to the ancient Nemea region in the northeastern part of the Peloponnese of Greece because of its long history of winemaking. Today the 3rd generation of the Athanassiadis family heads the estate with a passion for “creative experimentation”. Agiorgitiko is the predominant grape grown, but the family has included varietals such as Malbec, Merlot and Shiraz in order to always be experimenting and creatively producing wines.

Philosophy: “Wine is made in the vineyard and not in the winery.”

Winemaking: The family strictly adheres to the standards of organic farming. They use only natural fertilizers, and all residual matter from winemaking processes are returned to the soil, ensuring “sustainability of the earth”.

Tasting Notes: Garnet in colour with aromas of cherry, brambly berries and earth. Both black cherry and sour cherry flavours along with cinnamon and sage hints wrapped around a core of astringent tannins, whilst black peppercorn, dusty earth and vegetal notes comprised the compelling finish.
*Enjoy with a slight chill

100% Agiorgitiko
Produced and Bottled by Harlaftis Ltd.
12.8% Alcohol
Enjoy now

Kitma Pavlidis Thema Sauvignon Blanc/Assyrtiko 2013


Refined and engaging, with a harmonizing vibrant acidity, fruit, minerals, spice and floral notes.

Estate: Pavlidis Estate was founded by Christoforos Pavlidis in 1998 and is located in the Drama region of northern Greece. In order to utilize ancient, unique terrors, the 60 hectares of vineyards are situated in two different areas, Kokkinogia and Perichora.

Philosophy: With a belief “that wine personality is ultimately connected to the vineyard” the estate aims to produce premium wines “with a distinct and recognizable character” of the region.

Winemaking: Environmentally friendly integrated farming is practiced and “all viticulture practices are conducted manually”.

Tasting Notes: Pale gold with greenish hints in colour, with inviting aromas of grapefruit, sea minerals and honeysuckle. Floral notes underscored bright pineapple and lemon notes, grapefruit zest, spicy ginger and hints of sweet honey comprised the crisp, dry finish.

50% Sauvignon Blanc, 50% Assyrtiko
Produced and Bottled at Kitma Pavlidis Winery
13% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2015

Sigalas Asirtiko Athiri 2011

Rich with viticulture history, vineyards have been cultivated on Santorini since at least the 17th century BC. I spent many years studying Bronze Age pithos, kraters, and cups all utilised in Aegean wine enjoyment, so I am always enthusiastic to give a pour to an ancient varietal. This past May the New York Times hailed Greek white wines from the 2011 and 2012 vintages as “a wonderful trove of wines that can be stimulating, even riveting, and rarely boring”. Assyrtiko with its distinct vibrant mineraltity and captivating earthy, savoury elements is a fantastic example of these character and quality driven wines. Sigalas Winery was founded in 1991 by Paris Sigalas, Christos Markozane and Yiannis Toundas and renamed Domaine Sigalas in 2003 when they also expanded their vineyard holdings and modernized their winery. They cultivate 19 hectares of vineyards with indigenous varietals and honour their founding philosophy of a “Creative relationship with the tradition of Santorini Land, know-how and quality”.

Pale straw in colour with aromas of lemon and crushed shells. Fresh squeezed lemon and rain washed minerals glided atop an undercurrent of smoky vegetal notes in the light body, whilst traces of white pepper and hazelnut lingered between each sip. Intriguing and clean flavours create an engaging glass fantastic for summer sipping.

75% Assyrtiko, 25% Athiri
Produced and Bottled by Domaine Sigalas SA
13.9% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2015