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Barbacàn ‘Sol’ Valgella Valtellina Superiore DOCG 2017

Estate: Luca and Matteo Sega, along with their father Angelo, farm 7 hectares of vineyards on steep, terraced slopes in San Giacomo di Teglio, northern Lombardy, just south of the Swiss border. Dedicated to the ancient winemaking traditions of Valtellina, the Chiavennasca [Nebbiolo] grape and listening to the land, everything at the estate is done by hand. Farming is organic, biodynamic, with minimal intervention from the vineyards to the cellar. In addition to the preservation of their ancient biotype Chiavennasca, Luca and Matteo are also famous for fabulous, dancing posts on their Instagram page.

Philosophy: “In our wine we express the vintages with their oddities and their balances, always different and always unpredictable. Every season we repeat ancient gestures, carrying on the identity of an Alpine people that has always been linked to the cultivation of Chiavennasca.”

Winemaking: Wild yeast spontaneous fermentation in large casks and steel with long maceration (over 2 months), aged 1 year in large casks, unfined, unfiltered. With the inclusion of traditional Valtellina grapes Rossola and Chiavennaschino, ‘Sol’ is an exquisite narration of Valtellina’s identity.

Tasting Notes: Velvety layers of black cherry, raspberry, black pepper, smoky minerality glide atop a framework of muscled tannins and bright acidity. Blood orange, black cherry, rose petal guild the flinty mineral finish. Sumptuous, dynamic.

90% Chiavennasca, 10% Rossola and Chiavennaschino [Nebbiolo Rosé]
Valgella Valtellina Superiore DOCG
Estate Bottled by S.A. Barbacàn di Angelo Sega e Figli
13.5% Alcohol

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