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Terrevive ‘Bergianti Rosso’ Vino Spumante 2013

Estate: Dedicated and totally obsessed in the best way possible with crafting wines in harmony with nature, Gianluca Bergianti established Terrevive in 2008. The polyculture, biodiverse farm has expanded from 16 hectares to 35, with 10 hectares of vineyards mixed in amongst vegetables, grains and fruits. Vineyards are entirely native grapes found in the Modena region.

Winemaking: Biodynamic, organic, sustainable. Gianluca uses only traditional method [no tank or Charmat] to make sparkling wines, along with wild yeasts and zero dosage. Wines ferment in cement egg-shaped vessels, second fermentation started with grape must. Unfined, unfiltered, no added SO2.

Tasting Notes: Red currant, bramble, wild berry, earth, tangy acidity buoyed by rolling fizz. Chocolate and sour cherry linger between each funky sip.

100% Salamino
Vino Spumante
12.5% Alcohol
Bottled 03.13.2014

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