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Fuchs und Hase ‘Pet Nat Vol 4’ 2020

Winery: ‘Fuchs and Hase’ is a collaboration between pioneering winemakers Alwin & Stefanie Jurtschitsch with their winemaking Kamptal neighbors and friends, Martin & Anna Arndorfer. The project is dedicated to crafting only pet-nat wines. Meaning ‘Fox and Hare’ in German, Fuchs und Hase refers to an old Austrian tale “where the fox and hare say goodnight, which refers to a remote place surrounded by forest”.

Winemaking: Grapes are selected from the couples’ higher elevation vineyards, incidentally surrounded by forests. The 4th vintage, each vintage features different grapes, resulting in blends that reflect the particular conditions of that vintage. Wild yeast spontaneous fermentation, filled directly into bottles during the first fermentation, unfiltered, unfined, no added SO2.

Tasting Notes: Delicate melon, nectarine, wildflowers, pear, trace of herbs, citrus acidity buoyed by rolling fizz. Candied orange peel infuses the crisp mineral finish. An ever-evolving, mercurial vibe.

Müller Thurgau and Grüner Veltliner
11.5% Alcohol
$30 [average price]

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