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Lammidia ‘Rosh’ Vino Rosso 2020

Estate: Founded by childhood friends Marco Giuliani and Davide Gentile, Lammidia means envy or bad eye in the Abruzzese dialect. Their 3 hectares of vines sit 714 meters above sea level in Villa Celiera, a small village in the Pescara region of Abruzzo. Dedicated to organic and biodynamic methods, the duo is constantly experimenting and learning. “Study, comparison with other winemakers, tests, experiments, errors (many), synthesized by self-criticism and common sense, have led us to current results and a path of continuous improvement.” They have designed and built specific concrete containers for use in different processes of winemaking. In the cellar, they work with terracotta amphorae, along with steel and fiberglass containers.

Philosophy: Their slogan is ‘Uva e Basta’ [100% Grape]. “In all transformation processes, from the earth, to the plant, to the grape, to the wine, we try to intervene as little as possible, preserving the natural evolution of nature.”

Winemaking: Hand harvested, whole cluster wild yeast spontaneous fermentation in cement, aged in a variety of containers.

Tasting Notes: Black currant, blackberry, bramble, iron minerality, the slightest whisp of fizz flanked by tingly acidity and light tannins. Black cherry and orange zest linger between each spunky sip.

90% Montepulciano, 10% Trebbiano
Vino Rosso
Produced & Bottled by Azienda Agricola Lammidia
11% Alcohol
$24 [average price]

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