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Tenuta Santa Lucia ‘Da Urlo’ Vino Bianco NV

Estate: Paride Benedetti is dedicated to traditional grapes and working in harmony with nature. Located in the heart of Romagna, his estate was created in the early 1960s when his father’s property was joined with his paternal grandfather’s land. The 100 hectare estate has 12 hectares of traditional Romagna vines; Sangiovese, Albana, Famoso and Centesimino. The estate is certified organic and biodynamic.

Philosophy: “We are committed to working in harmony with the broader movements, respecting the rhythms and cycles of nature, the cosmic influences generated by the sun, moon and celestial bodies, we work “together with” and not “against” nature. Biodynamics is above all a work on ourselves, which helps us to recover the sense of unity of the cosmos.”

Winemaking: Vines were planted in 2003, southeast facing, 300 meters in elevation, hand-harvested, wild yeast spontaneous fermentation in steel with partial maceration on the skins, aged 6 months in steel. [Labeled Non-Vintage, this however is the 2020.]

Tasting Notes: Lemon drop, candied ginger, mango, wisp of campfire smoke buoyed by light fizz and citrus acidity. Grapefruit, drizzle of wildflower honey, chamomile infuse the crisp mineral finish. Funky, enthusiastic, so much fun.

Famoso & Albana
Vino Bianco
12.5% Alcohol
$19 [average price]

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