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Creta Paglia ‘Folk’ Calabria IGP 2019

Winery: Creta Paglia is named in honor of the traditional red brick and straw homes of San Marco Argentano in northern Calabria. Dedicated to native grapes, Antonello Canonico revitalized 3 hectares of vineyards at 600 meters in elevation bordered by mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea, along with half a hectare at 900 meters in elevation in Latinia.

Philosophy: “To produce clean, natural wines.”

Winemaking: Viticulture and cellar practices are organic and with minimal intervention. Spontaneous fermentation with wild yeasts in large oak barrels, with 5 days of skin contact. Aged in a singular stainless steel tank. 1284 bottles made. ‘Folk’ is a “wine born out of harmony of man and nature”.

Tasting Notes: Super tangy, with mandarin orange, wildflowers, citrus, wisp of smoke and flinty minerality buoyed by light, consistent fizz. Chewy tannins merge with mango and a drizzle of honey on the shimmery finish. Crisp, bright and engaging.

100% Pecorello Bianco
Calabria IGP
Produced & Bottled by Creta Paglia Agricola
12% Alcohol
$25 [average price]

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