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Jauma ‘Tikka the Cosmic Cat’ McLaren Vale 2020

Winery: James Erskine, along with Fiona Wood and Dave Gartelman are the collaborative team behind Jauma. Making wines in Clarendon and McLaren Vale for nearly the past 10 years, it is only recently James purchased an organic cherry farm where he will be able to plant his own vines. Famed for his Grenache and experimental approach, his diverse range of wines vanish from the shops in a flash.

Winemaking: Grenache vines are in sandy soils of the Lilies Vineyard in McLaren Flat, planted 1943. Shiraz vines are from 2 sites; 28 Rd in McLaren Vale with silty soils and a vineyard in Clarendon belonging to Ralph Wood. Grenache is picked early with carbonic maceration, Clarendon Shiraz picked mature. Aged 11 months in neutral barrel, unfined/unfiltered, no added SO2. [Named in honour of Tikka, the winery cat who alerted James to sun reflecting off metal onto paper that was starting to burn, thereby saving the winery from fire.]

Tasting Notes: Ruby red in colour, with aromas of cherry, blueberry and raspberry. Cherry, pomegranate, raspberry, cranberry, fennel seed and earthy minerality are glossed by fresh acidity. Red currant, crisp red apple and coriander seed linger between each fizzy sip. Clean and bright.

Grenache and Shiraz
McLaren Vale
13.5% Alcohol

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