Winery: Six childhood [and winemaking] friends* banded together to save a small vineyard of native, old vines from being ripped up; the result of their efforts is Halarà. With 40 year old bush vines of Parpato and Catarrato, the vineyard is in in Contrada Abbadessa, the Marsala region of western Sicily.

Winemaking: Two harvests, the first with whole cluster fermentation, the second harvest spent 24 hours macerating on the skins; both fermentations were with wild yeasts in stainless steel. Aged for 6 months on the fine lees in stainless steel, unfined and unfiltered, “with just a touch of SO2.” This is the first vintage. Halarà means “Take it easy” in Greek.

Tasting Notes: Ruby red in colour, with aromas of strawberry, raspberry, warm summer earth. Pomegranate, cherry, blood orange and a trace of iron earth minerality are glossed by fresh, balmy acidity. Bramble and cranberry linger between each fruity, sleek sip.

95% Parpato, 5% Catarrato
Vino Rosato
11.5% Alcohol

*Stefano Amerighi, Francesco de Franco, Nino Barraco, Corrado Dottori, Giovanni Scarfone and Francesco Ferreri.

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