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Grosjean Vallée d’Aoste Torrette DOC 2019

Estate: The Grosjean family has been farming in the high elevation of the Alps in northwestern Italy since the 1700’s. In 1969 Dauphin Grosjean presented his wine at the local “wine expo” and was awarded many accolades, thereby inspiring the entire family to devote themselves to the production of wine, and the vineyards were expanded. His 5 sons followed in his footsteps, acquiring land for a total of 16 hectares of vineyards and building a new winery. Today, the 3rd generation continues championing native grapes at the solar powered, biodynamic and certified organic estate.

Winemaking: Vineyards are on a steep, sunny slope 600-750 metres in elevation. Fermentation with native yeasts, aged in stainless steel.

Tasting Notes: Transparent red-violet in colour, with aromas of blackberry, blueberry, herbs, spice, wildflowers, earth. Cherry, pomegranate, black berry and bramble framed by tangy acidity and firm tannins. Black currant and cherry linger between each silky sip. Lush and refined.

80% Petit Rouge, 20% Vien de Nus, Fumin, Cornalin
Vallée d’Aoste Torrette DOC
Bottled by Societá Agricola Grosjean Vins SS
13% Alcohol

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