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La Gioiosa Prosecco Rosé Millesimato Brut DOC 2019

Estate: With its prosperous farms, the Treviso region of northeastern Italy was referred to as “joyous’ in ancient times. Founded in 1974 by the Moretti Polegato family, La Gioiosa [The Joyous] was named in honour of the region’s fertile, bountiful lands. Dedicated to preserving the environment and vineyards of Valdobbiadene, strict biodiversity protocols are followed to encourage insect and animal life in the vineyards; along with reducing the carbon footprint with hydroelectric power.

Philosophy: To share the magic of bubbles “in the world with respect for the environment, for a healthier future for our planet”.

Winemaking: Grapes are from vineyards with alluvial soils rich in marl. Whole white clusters are soft-pressed in a bladder press, racked then transferred to temperature-controlled tanks. Pressed red grapes undergo gentle maceration in tank for color and tannins. Cold fermentation [22-23° C] is used to preserve aromas. The white and red musts are blended together in vats with yeasts for second fermentation, aged for at least 2 months on the lees before bottling.

Tasting Notes: Copper pink in colour, with aromas of strawberry, pear, apple blossom, jasmine, and chalky minerality. Yellow apple, strawberry and honeysuckle are buoyed by fresh acidity and abundant fizz. Red currant, candied orange and strawberry gloss the mineral driven, crisp finish.

90% Glera, 10% Pinot Noir
Prosecco Rosé Millesimato Brut DOC
Bottled by La Gioiosa S.P.A.
11% Alcohol
$14 [average price]

Sample submitted for editorial consideration.

2 comments on “La Gioiosa Prosecco Rosé Millesimato Brut DOC 2019

  1. Is this available for purchase in the United States?


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