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Domaine des Marnes Blanches ‘Empreinte Savagnin’ Côtes du Jura 2014

Estate: Jura natives Géraud and Pauline Fromont founded Domaine des Marnes Blanches [named after the white marl soil in the first vineyard they purchased]
in 2006. Their 12 hectares of vineyards [some with vines over 100 years in age] stretch across the towns of Cesancey, Vincelles and Ste-Agnès in the southern Jura. Winemaking is certified organic and minimal intervention.

Their sous-voile, or ‘under-the-veil’ wines are called ‘Empreinte’, to indicate they are “’imprinted’ by winemaking style”, rather than the wines that are a pure expression of terroir [‘Reflet’ wines].

Winemaking: Grapes are from vines planted 1958-1995, in limestone over white, red and brown marl soils. For sous voile wines [wine is intentionally oxidized], they “have a separate, three-story cellar that creates an environment conducive to healthy layers of flor” It is dark and humid, with no temperature control, and different levels of humidity on each level influencing the wines in barrel differently. They put the wines in barrel (which are never sulfured) on hot days to assure that the flor develops quickly and they will not be moved again until after a minimum of three years.” No added sulphur.

Tasting Notes: Deep gold in colour, infinitely aromatic; with apricot, nectarine, beeswax, crystalized ginger, ylang ylang, lemon, clover honey, amber resin, lemongrass and baking spices. Ever evolving orange, lemon, fenugreek, clover honey, lemongrass, pineapple, apricot, granny smith apple, drizzle of salty caramel and tangy acidity fuse with baked pear, apricot, fenugreek, clover honey, citrus blossom and baking spices on the endless finish. Mercurial, dynamic, sumptuous.

100% Savagnin
Côtes du Jura
Estate Bottled
13.5% Alcohol

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