Estate: Brothers Daniel and Jonas Brand are the 5th generation of their family to craft wine in the northern Pfalz region of Germany. Their 18 hectares of vineyards are farmed using biodynamic, low intervention and organic [certified] methods. All of their labels are illustrations by their grandmother, Oma Helga.

Winemaking: 30-year-old vines are in “scant soil over limestone”. Fermented with indigenous yeasts, pet-nat method [Pétillant Naturel, or Metodo Ancestrale], where the still fermenting wine is bottled, with fermentation finished in the bottle [creating the bubbles]. Unfined, unfiltered.

Tasting Notes: Gold in colour, with aromas of lemon, apple, sweet herbs, chalky minerality and hay. Lemon, granny smith apple, pear, hint of lightly buttered toast, saline minerality and citrus acidity are buoyed by consistent bubbles. A fusion of crisp minerality and fresh citrus linger between each sip. Elegant and fun.

60% Pinot Blanc, 40% Sylvaner
10% Alcohol

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