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Trediberri ‘Bricco Mollea’ Dogliani DOCG 2019

Estate: The Trediberri [three of Berri] estate is located in the small village of Berri, in the westernmost part of La Morra, close to the Tanaro River in the Langhe region of Piedmont. Federico Oberto and his son Nicola, along with their friend Vladimiro Rambaldi founded Trediberri in 2007, when they purchased 5 hectares in Barolo. Their vineyard holdings have increased to include 2 hectares in the Rocche Annunziata and Torriglione, where they produce Barolo, Barbera and Sauvignon Blanc, along with renting an additional hectare in La Morra.

Using organic, traditional and biodynamic methods, they strive for equilibrium in their wines. Progressive, honest and fantastically witty, check out their original, clever bio page here.

Winemaking: From the Bricco Mollea vineyard in Vicoforte, vines were planted in the 1950s and 1970s. Fermented with pied de cuve* of Nebbiolo/Barbera/Dolcetto made a week prior in cement for 9 days. Malolactic fermentation in concrete, cold stabilization in steel outside, aged for 1 month in cement, bottled in March 2020. This is the first vintage of Dolcetto for them. The label is by renowned Piemontese artist Pierflavio Gallina.

Tasting Notes: Inky red violet in colour, with cherry, blueberry, grape, floral, soft spice and earth aromas. Black cherry, raspberry, cranberry, bramble, a shake of black pepper, and good acidity are framed by grippy tannins. A background vein of tarry earth runs through to the cherry, cranberry and cherry pit finish.
Plush and fresh, a fantastic value.

100% Dolcetto
Dogliani DOCG
Estate Bottled by Società Agricola Trediberri di Nicola Oberto & c.s.s.
13% Alcohol

*A small amount of grapes are collected a few days before harvest, these grapes are pressed and fermentation begins. This is then added to the main harvest grapes. This ancient winemaking technique is a sort of control or stabilization for natural yeast fermentation, preventing undesirable strains of yeast ensuring purity of aroma and flavour, without the addition of any chemicals.

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