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Domaine Mosse ‘Moussamoussettes’ Vin de France 2019

Estate: Founded in 1999, Agnès and René Mosse are natural winemaking champions in the Coteaux-du-Layon area of Anjou of the Loire Valley. Their 17 hectares of vineyards are farmed using biodynamic, minimal intervention and organic [certified] methods. Their sons, Sylvestre and Joseph, have been heading the estate for the past few years. Agnès and René work alongside them as they continue on with the family’s winemaking traditions. Passionate about their estate’s history, they are also bringing their own creative approach, experimenting with carbonic maceration and grape blends.

Philosophy: “Only the combination of organic farming and natural wine-making can lead to the production of such authentic wines.”

Winemaking: Vines are in schist and sandstone soils. Spontaneous fermentation with wild yeasts, fermentation continued in the bottle.

Tasting Notes: Pink coral in colour, with aromas of raspberry, lemon, wildflowers, wet terracotta and hay. Tangy acidity glosses raspberry, red currant, lemon, a trace of candied violet and consistent fizz. A streak of walnut accents the crisp, mineral driven finish. Well balanced, with a shimmering grace.

70% Grolleau Gris, 30% Gamay
Vin de France
Bottled by Sarl 4B2F
12.5% Alcohol
$27 [average price]

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