australia biodynamic estate bottled low intervention organic sustainably farmed

Manon ‘Blush’ Pinot Gris Adelaide Hills 2018

Estate: Husband and wife team Tim Webber and Monique Millton use biodynamic, organic and minimal intervention on their 25 acre farm [15 of which are vineyards] in Forest Range, Adelaide Hills. The estate is located on a ridge 600 meters in elevation, comprised of Prehistoric rocks and soil; “predominately mica schists with large seams of iron stone quartz then a red clay layer and lastly a thin but beautiful top soil formed by ancient eucalypt forests and the passage of time”.

Philosophy: “We wish not to control Nature but to work with, listen to and be attentive every step of the way. Creating a truly diverse working farm with vines, orchards, vegetables and native forest. Our own world truly humming with the vibration of life.”

Winemaking: Hand harvested, spontaneous fermentation with wild yeasts, 8 weeks skin contact, no added S02, unfiltered, unfined.

Tasting Notes: Ruby coral in colour, with aromas of cherry, strawberry, watermelon, sea spray, iron and talc minerality. Wild strawberry, red currant, pomegranate, sour cherry and orange zest are flanked by fresh acidity and green tea tannins. Herbs, cherry, peach pit and iron minerality comprise the cleansing bitter finish. Spunky and vibrant.

100% Pinot Gris
Adelaide Hills
Estate Bottled by Manon
12.9% Alcohol
$38 [average price]

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