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Craven Pinot Gris Stellenbosch 2019

Winery: Australian Mick and South African Jeanine Craven met working a harvest in Sonoma in 2007. By 2011 the couple had decided to make their own wines in Stellenbosch. Focusing on crafting wines that express where they come from, they work with organic growers of particular vineyard sites with “unique soils and micro-climates”. They utilize organic and low intervention methods in the cellar; “we pay serious attention to the wine but we do not manipulate the wine. We believe the best way to express site and fruit is to show just that. We do not use cultured yeasts, enzymes, fining agents, etc. throughout the winemaking process. We only use older oak and try our best to find larger format barrels. We allow our wines to stabilise naturally if they so want to”.

Winemaking: Grapes are from a young vines in “sedimentary rock, cemented into a duricrust by iron oxides. Locally this red soil is called Koffieklip or Coffee Stone”. Spontaneous fermentation with wild yeasts in open top vats on the skins for 6 days with occasional light pumpovers and punch-downs. “The skins were quite thick and tannic in 2019 due to drought, so they decided to limit extraction.” Aged for 8 months in old French oak tonneau, unfined, unfiltered, with a minimal amount of SO2.

Tasting Notes: Ruby-coral in colour, with alluring aromas of blood orange, wild cherry, strawberry, hibiscus flower, iron minerality and amber resin. Pomegranate, cherry, red apple and red currant are flanked by green tea tannins and fresh acidity. Black cherry, along with a trace of elder flower liqueur linger on the smoky finish. Engaging and dazzling.

100% Pinot Gris
South Africa
Produced by Craven Wines
12.5% Alcohol

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