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Cingilia Cococciolo Frizzante ‘Col Fondo’ Colline Pescaresi IGT 2018

Estate: Dedicated to preserving the native grapes of Cugnoli in Abruzzo, Fabio di Donato founded Cingilia in 2013. He farms his nearly 4 hectares of vineyards organically and with low intervention methods. Inspired by the fortitude of long abandoned vines, Fabio passionately safeguards and cultivates indigenous varietals.

Philosophy: “I am convinced that if those grapes have endured over the years and have been selected in our climate, it means that they are the best to grow and in addition they are vines which, by tradition, best express the territory from which they originate.”

Winemaking: Fermentation is started with pied-de-cuve, frozen must is then used to restart fermentation in the bottle.

Tasting Notes: Lemon bar, candied ginger and citrus acidity glide atop billowy, consistent fizz. Orange zest, saline minerality and a nutty trace linger between each bright sip. Engaging and sunny, fun on its own or a fantastic companion to a wide variety of flavours/dishes. [I enjoyed with fresh mozzarella, pecorino, ricotta, along with baby artichoke and mushroom herb bruschetta.]

100% Cococciolo
Colline Pescaresi IGT
Produced & Bottled by Azienda Agricola Cingilia di di Donato Fabio
11% Alcohol

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