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Riccardi Reale ‘Emotiq’ Malvasia Puntinata Lazio IGP 2018

Estate: Sommelier, author and filmmaker Lorelle Reale, along with her husband Piero Riccardi, who in addition to being a director and author for RAI [the Italian national broadcast company] has dedicated his life to studying agriculture and biodiversity, established Riccardi Reale in 2010. Located outside Roma, between the Aneine River Valley and the Prenestini Mountains, the 5 hectares of land belonged to Piero’s grandparents. Advocates of biodynamic farming and biodiversity, the couple set out to preserve the “extraordinary plant and animal biodiversity” of the property.

Winemaking: Vines are in red volcanic soil close to a stream of the Aniene river.
Fermented with natural yeasts, without temperature control, 71 months ageing in old oak, followed by 7 months in the bottle before release. Unfiltered.

Tasting Notes: Amber/gold in colour, with aromas of mandarin orange, wildflowers and flinty minerality. Nectarine, apple, orange, herbs drizzle of clover honey over a framework of light green tea tannins and citrus acidity. Orange peel, smoky earth minerality are accented by a bitter nutty streak on the zesty finish. Vivid, engaging and friendly.

Malvasia Puntinata [Malvasia del Lazio] with a tiny bit of Riesling
Lazio IGP
Bottled by Società Agricola Riccardi Reale s.s.
12% Alcohol
€17 [purchased in Roma, Italy]

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