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La Guardiense ‘Janare’ Falanghina del Sannio DOP 2016

Winery: La Guardiense is a cooperative that was founded in 1960 by an allegiance of 33 farmers. Located in hilly Sannio in the heart of Campania, today there are 1000 members cultivating their own grapes and land for a total of 1500 hectares of vineyards. Headed by winemaker Riccardo Cotarella, vineyards are farmed sustainably, the cooperative produces its own electricity with solar energy.

‘Janare’ are “witch-like mythical figures” in the Sannio culture. “They allude to the particularly indomitable spirit of the women in the area and to their ability at casting evil and deadly spells on their enemies. La Guardiense has paid homage to this old tradition of the Sannio region and in so doing hopes to keep it alive.”

Tasting Notes: Pale gold in colour, with aromas of yellow apple, honey, gravel minerality, grapefruit and a wisp of smoke. Lemon, apple, grapefruit and ashy minerality are glossed by fresh acidity. Citrus, minerals and a drizzle of honey linger between each bright sip.

Pairing Suggestions from the Winery: Light appetizers, gnocchi with tomato sauce, pasta with zucchini, rice, fish or meat carpaccio, caprese with buffalo mozzarella, shellfish, sea-food dishes. Very good with Parmigiana eggplants and perfect on creamy cheeses.

100% Falanghina
Falanghina del Sannio DOP
Estate Bottled by La Guardiense
13.5% Alcohol

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  1. Sounds like a lovely drop!

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