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Jutta Ambrositsch ‘Rakete’ 2018

Estate: Jutta Ambrositsch began making wines in 2004, after leaving a career in graphic design. [She designs the eye-catching, minimalist labels that grace her wines.] Her 11 acres of vineyards are spread across 10 different parcels on both sides of the Danube, in the city of Vienna. [Vienna has the most vineyards planted of any city in the world.] Her vines are farmed biodynamically and organically. Wines are fermented spontaneously with native yeasts, there are no additions of, enzymes, or sugar, and only a minimum amount of sulfur.

For a closer look, check out her producer page here over at David Bowler Wine.

Tasting Notes: Bright ruby red in colour, with aromas of strawberry, raspberry, hops, pomegranate, earthy minerality and a wisp of peat smoke. Delicate cranberry, raspberry, pomegranate, forest floor and peppery spice are glossed with fresh acidity. Peat smoke and pomegranate linger between each silky sip. Agile, engaging and super gluggable.

Blend of Rotburger [Zweigelt], Sankt Laurent, Blauburger, Merlot “and a few white vines, probably planted unintentionally”
12% Alcohol

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