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Cantina Conestabile Magione ‘Case Sparse Bianco’ Umbria IGT 2018

Estate: Dating back to 1700, the Conestabile della Staffa estate is the result of a marriage between 2 ancient, noble families; the Conestabile family of Orvieto and the Della Staffa family from Perugia. The estate prospered over the years, by the 1800’s there were over 700 hectares given to mixed agricultural use, including 100 hectares of vineyards. The end of WWII brought the estate to a standstill, the last vintage was produced in 1956, grapes were sold to local cooperatives until 2015.

The estate is now being revitalized by “master natural wine-whisperer, eno-artisan” Danilo Marcucci. From the US importer, SelectioNaturel “La Staffa is of his wife’s family ancestry, this is made clear every time Danilo speaks of the property…he is merely a guest, married to the vines and his wife Alessandra’s noble lineage.” Danilo has revived 12 hectares of native vines that were planted in the 1970’s. In its long history the land remained untouched by chemicals. Danilo farms using low intervention, organic methods, with “no yeast, no chemical corrections, no sulfur. No technology”.

Winemaking: “One day of skin contact. Spontaneous fermentation, aged in stainless steel until bottling in the Spring. Zero sulfur additions and no filtering or fining.”

Tasting Notes: Gold in colour, with aromas of apricot, baked peach, honey, jasmine, lemon balm and hay. Nectarine, apricot, mandarin orange, a trace of candied ginger, and nuance of buttery toast are glossed by fresh acidity. Honey, lemon and clove linger on the velvety finish.

50% Grechetto, 50% Trebbiano
Umbria IGT
Produced and Bottled by Azienda Agraria della Staffa di Alessio Conestabile della Staffa
11.5% Alcohol

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