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Matias í Torres Malvasía Aromática La Palma DO 2017

Estate: 5th generation winemaker Victoria Torres Pecis farms amidst the extreme conditions on volcanic La Palma in the Canary Islands, off the northeastern coast of Africa. In addition to the rugged, steep, volcanic terrain, the climate is extreme, with intense heat and constant winds. Dedicated to the “never ending learning process” and the expression of grapes and land, she is passionate about “vino experimental”; experimenting with traditional and historical methods such as solera aging, grape pressing techniques, varietal and vineyard blending and ageing vessels and times. Victoria currently farms 7 hectares of ungrafted vines that range in age from 70-130 years old [the estate is one of the oldest in the Canary Islands].

Winemaking: Farming is organic and low intervention, all work is done by hand, including bottling and labeling. All fermentation is spontaneous with native yeasts, without temperature control. Grapes are from vines 30-130 years in age, fermented in stainless steel. Only 1300 bottles produced.

Tasting Notes: Gold in colour with alluring aromas of lemongrass, cumin, apricot, lemon, honey, orange blossom and lavender. Mandarin orange, nectarine, apricot, butterscotch and cumin are glossed with smoky saline minerality and light citrus acidity. Bergamot tea and sea spray linger extraordinarily between each ethereal sip.

100% Malvasía Aromática
La Palma DO
Canary Islands
Produced & Bottled by Victoria E. Torres Pecis
13.5% Alcohol

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