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Wasenhaus Baden Nouveau 2018

Winery: Alex Götze and Christoph Wolber founded Wasenhaus after working for 5+ years with some of the best winemakers in Burgundy. Located in Staufen, in the Baden district of southern Germany, the winery is named after the farm that Christoph grew up on. Focusing on old vines and old clones, the duo seeks out vineyards and parcels that have been ignored for various reasons such as too difficult to work, or the yields are too low. They currently own about a hectare and a half of vines. Additionally, they buy grapes from specific farmers and parcels in the Kaiserstühl. Their super hard to find wines have a cult status and are known for their “uncommon lightness and clarity”.

Winemaking: Farming is low intervention, organic with biodynamic elements. Only natural yeasts are used, and all wines are bottled unfined and unfiltered. Sulfur is used only at bottling and minimally.

Tasting Notes: Red violet in colour, with layered aromatics of black cherry, raspberry, strawberry, hibiscus, gardenia, forest floor and grilled herbs. Cranberry, pomegranate, Morello cherry, wild strawberry, white viburnum, earth and a wisp of grilled herbs are framed by good acidity and fine tannins. Tangy fruit and light spice linger between each sip. Engaging and agile.

100% Pinot Noir
12.5% Alcohol

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