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Martin Texier ‘La Boutanche’ Rouge 2017

Estate: Martin Texier follows in the footsteps of his renowned natural winemaker father Eric Texier. Located in and around St.-Julien-en-St.-Alban, in the northern Rhône, Martin farms his 5 hectares with low intervention, organic and biodynamic methods. He passionately works to craft wines using local, traditional, natural methods.

Brand: La Boutanche is a collaboration between US importer Selection Massale and a handful of their producers. Their goal is to bring a $20 or under wine with “native yeast fermentations, low or zero SO2 additions, and the like; basically pure unadulterated glou glou that we could put into a liter-sized screw-top bottle and would be a great introduction to natural wine”.

Winemaking: Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts, fermented and aged in large concrete vats.

Tasting Notes: Transparent dark ruby red in colour with aromas of black cherry, red currant, strawberry, black pepper, garrique. Raspberry, black cherry, red currant, blackberry accented by garrique, black pepper, a drop of coffee and trace of game, framed by fresh acidity and firm tannins. A hint of eucalyptus accents fruit and spice on the dry, lengthy finish. An inviting play between fruit and spice, super gluggable and versatile.

Blend of Grenache and Syrah
Vin de France
11-14% Alcohol
$21 [1 Liter]

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