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Les Champs Libres ‘Lard, des choix’ Rouge Vin de France 2017

Brand: Natural winemakers René-Jean Dard [Crozes-Hermitage] and Hervé Souhaut [northern Rhône] created the small négociant label Les Champs Libres. ‘Lard, des Choix’ is a play on the phrase L’art des choix”. Meaning ‘the art of choice’. “Lard means lard, so the implication is that these wines go good with pork. Also, when said quickly, “Lard, des Choix” sounds like L’Ardèchois, where both these fine gentlemen are from.”

Philosophy: “Just because you didn’t do anything to the wine doesn’t mean it’s good.”

Winemaking: Grapes are from organically farmed vineyards, vinified without manipulation or intervention.

Tasting Notes: Dark red-violet in colour with aromas of blackberry, plum, damp earth and peppery spice. Concentrated black cherry, black currant, blackberry and pomegranate are accented by savoury black olive, peppery spice, game and earth. Fresh acidity and firm tannins fuse with tangy dark fruit and licorice on the dry finish. Robust and focused.

Blend of Syrah and Gamay
Vin de France
Bottled by 07410 for Les Champs Libres
13% Alcohol

1 comment on “Les Champs Libres ‘Lard, des choix’ Rouge Vin de France 2017

  1. Nice Rouge Vin de France, well blended with great taste

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