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Le Sot de l’Ange ‘La Boutanche’ Vin de France 2017

Brand: La Boutanche is a collaboration between US importer Selection Massale and a handful of their producers. Their goal is to bring a $20 or under wine with “native yeast fermentations, low or zero SO2 additions, and the like; basically pure unadulterated glou glou that we could put into a liter-sized screw-top bottle and would be a great introduction to natural wine”.

Estate: Le Sot de l’Ange translates to “Idiot Angel” and refers to the decision “energetic and young” winemaker Quentin Bourse made when he took over a friend’s domaine in a tiny, off the radar appellation. Azay-Le-Rideau is located within the Touraine AOC, in the Loire Valley and has a winemaking history that dates back to the ancient Romans. The 12 hectare estate has been certified biodynamic for over 10 years; Quentin’s first vintage was 2013. For more information on this pioneering winemaker, check out what Selection Massale has to say here.

Winemaking: Quentin manages the entire estate himself, by hand; his friends give help with harvest. Vineyard soil is predominately clay over silica. Natural yeast fermentation, no sulphites added.

Tasting Notes: Ruby red in colour with aromas of cherry/strawberry liqueur, soft spice and wildflowers. Silky, light layers of tart cherry, pomegranate, cranberry, strawberry and carnation are joined by lip smacking acidity. Earth, spice, red berries and a squeeze of lime zest linger between each sip. Fun, bright and snappy, it will disappear rather swiftly! [Enjoy chilled.]

Pinot Noir & Gamay
Vin de France
11-14% Alcohol
$20 [1 liter]
Enjoy now

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