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Gotham Project ‘Boom Box’ Rosé 2016

Brand: Gotham Project is a collaboration between Charles Bieler [of Bieler Pere et Fils, Charles & Charles and Three Thieves fame] and Bruce Schneider [of Schneider Vineyards, Schneider Selections and Onabay Vineyard]. The duo has pioneered wine on tap in the US, beginning in 2009 with their inaugural release of Finger Lakes Riesling from Seneca Lake, NY. They are the leading producer of wines on tap in the States, and “the only vertically integrated wine-on-tap company in the United States. Their wine ‘filling station’ is just a few miles from the #1 port for imported wines in the U.S., ensuring all wines remain as fresh as their first day of life until they hit your glass.” Their portfolio of tap wines feature wines from all over the world, from New York to Greece to New Zealand, and can be found in hip, progressive wine bars and restaurants. Boom Box Rosé is their first wine to be available for enjoyment at home.


Winemaking: Grapes are sourced from dry-farmed, old-vine [80+ years] vineyards in Bullas, Spain. [Bullas is known for its light reds and rosés made from Monastrell.] Grapes were picked “on the early edge of ripeness and made direct to press”.

Tasting Notes: Sunset orange-pink in colour with aromas of peach, watermelon, cherry and tomato leaf. Predominately savoury and spicy notes, complimented by cherry and strawberry. Pink grapefruit and herbs on the dry finish add to its refreshing, off the beaten path character.

100% Monastrell [Mourvèdre]
Cellared and packed by Gotham Project NY
13% Alcohol
$25 [3L box equivalent to 4 750ML bottles]
Enjoy now

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