Estate: Stobi winery is a new, modern estate located in Gradsko, next to the ancient site of Stobi in central Macedonian. They have 200 hectares of Vranec vineyards, with vines ranging in age from 25 to 40 years. This is a “classic” Vranec “that focuses on bright juicy fruit with its typical morello cherry and licorice notes, making tasty drinking for everyday”.

Winemaking: The estate crafts “clean” wines, they do not use chemicals or pesticides, and their sulphur use is 30-50% lower then the average winery. Vinified in stainless steel and aged in French oak casks.

Philosophy: “We are committed to creating wines of superb and impeccable quality. Wines that are unique enough to satisfy the most selective tastes, and so simple for anyone to desire them.” They very eloquently state: “The grapes carry in themselves the soil and the climate in which they grew up. That is the soul of the wine. It unites the elements of nature with the power, wisdom and spirit of the people of the land. We keep the covenant of our ancestors. Through the wine, we unite the past and the future, the tradition of the old masters in harmony with the modern knowledge and technology, so to steal a small part of immortality and pack it in a bottle full of wine, a bottle full of passion for life.”

Tasting Notes: Inky violet in colour with pronounced aromas of campfire and sweet peppery spice. Herbaceous elements and earthy tree bark elements underscore concentrated red currant, cherry and plum notes, whilst hints of dark chocolate highlight the smoky black peppercorn finish. Intense and rustic, this is an engaging sip well worth seeking out, and a fantastic companion with the heartiest of dishes.

100% Vranec
Vinted and Bottled by Stobi Winery
14.5% alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2016

2 comments on “Stobi Vranec 2012

  1. I’ve tasted some great wines from Macedonia. The value for the quality is unbelievable…


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