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Dürnberg Zweigelt Rosé 2014


Estate: Weingut Dürnberg is located in the traditional wine village of Falkenstein, in the heart of Austria’s viticultural region. Vineyards have been documented there since the 12th century, and today it is still known as the “wine quarter”. Native Matthias Marchesani, a pioneer in the “new Weinvertel style”, heads the estate; he strives to craft wines that have “an emphasis on freshness and cool acidity” and “are crystal-clear like a Winter’s night, they demonstrate complexity and finesse as well”. The terroir of the Falkenstein cliffs are made up of limestone and decomposing rocks that were shifted up from strata deep below the earth’s surface, lending the “cool character” to his wines. This Rosé is part of the “Drink and Enjoy” line of the estate, wines that are “full flavoured, lower in alcohol” to be enjoyed as an aperitif, with light dishes or “with good friends”.

Philosophy: “What the terroir gives to the grapes is carefully and most lovingly preserved and presented.”

Winemaking: Sustainable viticulture is practiced.

Tasting Notes: Pale coral pink in colour with aromas of red grapefruit, peach and hints of crushed white peppercorn. Slightly muddled tart fruit flavours are framed by a bright acidity, with peppery spice on the dry, clean finish. Overall a bright and tangy Rosé that is a good companion to light dishes.

100% Zweigelt
Bottled by Dürnberg Fine Wine GMBH
11.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2016

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