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Domaine de la Patience ‘From the Tank’ Rosé 2014

Refreshing and light, a truly tremendous value Rosé from a small family estate in the south of France.

‘From the Tank’ is a collaboration between Jenny & François Selections and various small, natural artisan winemakers that focus on expressing their terrior. Jenny & François Selections is a New York based wine distributor founded in 2000. They focus on small vineyard wines and “winemakers who work like artisans, crafting a different wine each year. They do not impose a preconceived taste on their wines, but look to be surprised by what nature gives”.

Estate: This ‘From the Tank’ Rosé was made exclusively for Jenny & François Selections by Domaine de la Patience, located in the Costières de Nîmes in southeastern France. The family estate takes it name from “La Patience”, a wild aromatic herb that makes its home in the vineyards. Christophe Aguilar farms the 60 hectares of vines, the very same soil that his grandfather respectfully farmed 50 years ago.

Winemaking: The vineyards are certified organic. Grapes were sourced from 21 year old Syrah vines and 40 year old Grenache vines, then aged in concrete vat with minimum sulfur added.

Tasting Notes: Coral pink in colour with sunny aromas of peach and honey. Bright and light, with peach, strawberry and nectarine flavours culminating in a crisp finish of grapefruit notes.

80% Grenache, 20% Syrah
Vin de Pays du Pont du Gard
[Bottling information not available]
12-14% Alcohol
$22 [3L box equivalent to 4 750ML bottles]
Enjoy now

2 comments on “Domaine de la Patience ‘From the Tank’ Rosé 2014

  1. How do bag-in-the-box wines go down in the states? Still struggling in the UK to get over some of the utter rubbish from the 90s…


    • I’d say its rather comparable then. In my experience the cheap trashy stuff is sadly, somewhat popular. These more unique, actual good wines that are in eco friendly packaging and what not are a hit within the “wine community ” by that I mean folks that have a bit of wine knowledge and/or are budget savvy. For example the owner of the wine shop I frequent has this in his fridge all summer long [as do I] it’s an amazing value. and i agree, so hard to get over the stereotype that ALL bag in box wine is bad. It has its purpose just like any other wine, and some are fantastic. Any good ones sent to the UK?


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