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Stella Bella Skuttlebutt Rosé Margaret River 2014


Estate: Skuttlebutt is a label of Stella Bella Wines. Founded by Stuart Pym and Janice McDonald, the pair had a vision of building a modern and creative wine company in order to craft “high quality interesting wines with unique character” along with exhibiting “the unique and expressive terroir of Margaret River”. The estate consists of 80 hectares of 6 vineyards spread over the southern part of the Margaret River region in southwestern Australia. ‘Skuttlebutt’ refers to the colloquial term for gossip or rumours and is their “everyday” range.

Philosophy: Overall they strive to “create beautiful wines that suite all occasions & that our customers love & enjoy, as much as we do!” The Skuttlebutt line was created with the intention of producing wines “that are enjoyable, affordable and complementary to a modern lifestyle”.

Winemaking: In order to respect, protect and express the terrior, the estate believes in minimal intervention from the vineyard to the winery. Organic fertilizers are used only when necessary and sustainable methods such as planting rye and clover to help prevent soil compaction and to balance nitrogen levels are used in effort to create a natural balance in the vines. Buckwheat crops are used to encourage beneficial insect species throughout the vineyard.

Tasting Notes: Coral pink in colour with faint aromas of strawberry, minerals and hints of hay barn. Fruity, straightforward and super glugable with vibrant strawberry and raspberry flavours culminating in a dry finish. A bright acidity makes this a good companion with summer dishes.

50% Shiraz, 24% Merlot, 24% Sangiovese, 2% Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains
Margaret River
Produced & Bottled by Stella Bella Wines
13.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2016

2 comments on “Stella Bella Skuttlebutt Rosé Margaret River 2014

  1. Skuttlebutt makes me think of South Park, for some reason :o)


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