budget friendly italy sustainably farmed

Erste + Neue Müller Thurgau 2013


Crisp and fresh, like biting into a juicy apple, this is fantastic on its own or with a wide variety of dishes, especially those with some mildly spicy heat.

Winery: The Erste + Neue winery is the result of a 1986 merger of two cooperatives; Erste [first] cooperative founded in 1900 and the Neue [new] cooperative, founded in in 1925. Today there are 430 wine producers cultivating 260 hectares of vineyards located around Lake Kaltern and on the plateau at the foot of Mendel Mountain in Alto Adige, northeastern Italy.

Winemaking: Grapes were sourced from sustainability farmed vineyards with glacial soil containing large amounts of limestone.

Philosophy: “The tried and tested is upheld, while there is an openness to innovation.”

Tasting Notes: Yellow-green in colour with aromas of rain washed slate, honey and citrus. A bright and super food friendly acidity bolstered apple and herbaceous notes, whilst honey and minerals comprised the crisp finish.

100% Müller Thurgau
Alto Adige/South Tyrol
Produced and Bottled by Erste + Neue Kellerei/Kaltern/Caldaro
12.5% Alcohol
$16 [average price]
Enjoy now

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