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Bleecker California Red NV


Simple and fruity with a spicy finish, an agreeable companion to everyday dishes.

Brand: Bleecker is a label of Wyatt Winery, which in turn is a Polaner Selections [Wine importers with an engaging motto of “Open your mind and taste”] label that was created with the goal of producing high quality wines at affordable prices. They work closely with multiple growers and winemakers in California and craft wines “using declassified wine that often sells at a much higher price under other labels”. [As wines made with blended vintages are not entitled to a vintage status, this wine is declassified to non-vintage status.]

Philosophy: “Great value and lots of character for the money”.

Tasting Notes: Dark red-violet in colour with aromas of blackberry jam, oak and black pepper. Fruit forward with cherry, blackberry and tart red current flavours backed by a spicy finish of black pepper, toasted oak and hints of sweet raisin.

Syrah “with small amounts of Petite Sirah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Zinfandel”
Cellared & Bottled by Polaner Selections
13% Alcohol
Enjoy now

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