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Castello di Verrazzano Rosso IGP 2011


Simple and smooth, this is wonderfully glugable with all varieties of pasta and pizza.

Estate: The boundaries of the Verrazzano estate have remained unchanged for over 1000 years, and as far back as the 14th century, there are descriptions of vineyards at the property. Acclaimed explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano [and namesake of the famous suspension bridge connecting Brooklyn and Staten Island] was born at the estate in 1485. The Cappellini family acquired the estate and its 52 hectares of vineyards in 1958.

Philosophy: “Producing quality wines thereby evoking the harmony of Chianti Classico” along with “building a sense of excellence made of uniqueness and a bit of mystery”.

Winemaking: Somewhat unique for the northern Chianti Classico region, the vineyards are characterized by stony soil rich in limestone. Organic farming is practiced, and all harvesting is done by hand.

Tasting Notes: Ruby red with brick highlights in colour, with aromas of cherry, earth and hints of chili pepper. Light and easy drinking with cherry and plum flavours supported by leather and warm spice elements in the clean finish.

Sangiovese [I could not verify varietal percentage]
Toscana IGP
Bottled by Luigi Giovanni Cappellini
13.5% Alcohol
Enjoy now

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