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Valle Dell’Asso Negramaro Salento Rosso 2010


Rustic and straightforward, this is a gulpable companion with pizza and pastas.

Estate: Valle Dell’Asso is an 80 hectare family estate located in the Puglia region of southern Italy. Established by Donato Vallone in 1820, the property has been passed down from father to son for generations, today it is headed by Don Gino Vallone. The owl logo of Valle Dell’Asso has its origins in the ancient history of the area and comes from the Greek settlers who depicted the Goddess Athena on their currency with an owl. Gino has a vast art collection of owls, garnered from all over the world that is exhibited in the estate’s wine cellar.

Winemaking: Don Gino Vallone continues “the family tradition that from generation to generation has renewed its agreement with the earth” by practicing organic viticulture and using traditional methods such as hand tilling and harvesting. Aged in cement tanks.

Tasting Notes: Dark red-violet in colour with aromas of cranberry, chocolate and a hint of funk. Bright, tart flavours of morello cherry and red currant ran atop an earthy, mineral undercurrent, whilst chocolate and traces of raisin lingered between each sip.

100% Negramaro
Salento IGT
Estate Bottled by Azienda Agricola Valle Dell’Asso Di Luigi G. Vallone
13% Alcohol
Enjoy now

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