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Averno Amaro Siciliano


An invigorating harmony of bitter and sweet flavours, fantastic after a meal, with dessert or as a mixer in cocktails.

Estate: The Averna family has been producing Amaro since 1859 when the herbalist monks of the Convent of St. Spirito’s Abbey made a gift of their secret elixir recipe to Salvatore Averna, who was a benefactor of the abbey. In 1912 Vittorio Emanuele III bestowed the “Company Averna” the right to print the royal coat-of-arms with the inscription “Royal Household Patent” on the label, which remains to this day. It was the first licensed spirit in Sicily, and has grown to become the second largest bitter brand in Italy today. On April 15th of this year, it was announced that the global Italian drinks group Campari purchased Fratelli Averna.

Spirit Making: Averno Amaro is crafted from an infusion of aromatic herbs, dried flowers, roots, spices, and licorice.

Tasting Notes: Dark brown with copper highlights, radiating intense aromas of aromatic herbs, tree bark and bitter orange. Woodsy forest, mediterranean herbs and lemon elements softened into a lengthy, velvety finish of spicy licorice, dark chocolate and hints of caramel.

Produced and Bottled by Fratelli Averna S.P.A.
29% Alcohol

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