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Les Alliés Bordeaux 2010


Always up for an adventure, Les Alliés Bordeaux 2010 is one of those rare bottles that I’ve no idea where I acquired it. I don’t have a receipt for it, and I was unable to locate it in the online inventory of my usual wine shops. I am only able to deduce from its position in my wine rack that when brought it home, I did not intend to cellar it, that it must have been between the $10-13 price range, and that I felt it was an “everyday” bottle. Even more perplexing, I was unable to locate any information about the wine in general online, other than it was imported by Tri-Vin Imports in New York.

Bright red-violet in colour with aromas of berry patch, rose petal and spicy black pepper. Wild berries and cherry flavours were supported by smooth tannins along with traces of earth and black peppercorn in the moderate finish. Rustic and pleasant, this is a great companion to everyday dishes.

Bordeaux Blend [I could not verify varietal information]
Bottled by EMB 44032 D.
12.5% Alcohol
$10 [average price]
Enjoy now thru 2015

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