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Este Vinho Verde Red 2011


I picked up Este Vinho Verde Red 2011 since I had enjoyed the Rosé a few months back, and at only $4 [!], on the off chance it was terribly undrinkable, I wouldn’t be that upset. I ended up being surprised with its intensity, and loved the opportunity to taste something a little off the beaten path.

Adega Cooperativa de Ponte Da Barca was founded in 1963 and is located in the valleys of the Lima and Vez Rivers. It consists of 1100 associates and about 849 hectares. The cooperative has been awarded many honors for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Inky red-violet in colour with potent aromas of barnyard funk, artichoke and flinty minerals. Intense balsamic notes were brightened by vegetal tomato leaf elements in the slightly fizzy body, whilst prune and steely minerals comprised the compact finish. Concentrated and robust, this is a dense glass [even with only 10% alcohol] that needs to accompany a hearty meal.
Serve chilled.

I could not verify varietal percentage
Vinho Verde
Bottled by Adega Cooperative de Ponte Da Barca C.R.L.
10% Alcohol
Enjoy now

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