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Cellier du Boulez Malbec 2012


During a recent wine shopping excursion in NYC I happily happened upon a French Malbec at the $10 price point. I was unable to locate any information regarding the winery or growers, except that there may be some affiliation with Astor Wines in NYC.

Dark red-violet in colour with aromas of black cherry, tobacco and hints of vanilla bean. Earth notes and firm tannins supported black cherry and plum flavours, whilst black peppercorn, slightly bitter herbs and hints of sour cherry comprised the clean finish. This is a well-composed, rustic glass great with a wide variety of dishes.

Malbec with Alicante [I was unable to confirm varietal percentage]
Coteaux de Peyriac
13% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2015

2 comments on “Cellier du Boulez Malbec 2012

  1. I just opened mine— likely from Astor. It’s delicious. I’m looking for info and coming up with nothing. Too bad. I’d buy a case


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