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Owen Roe Sharecropper’s Pinot Noir 2011

I was excited to see Sharecropper’s Pinot Noir 2011 behind the bar of my favourite local Italian restaurant since I haven’t been able to find it on the shelves in any of my usual wine shops. David O’Reilly, one of the few Irish-born winemakers in the United States, founded Owen Roe Wines. The company produces wine under several different labels, including Sinister Hand, Abbot’s Table and Sharecropper’s. As with all good wines, there is always a story behind them. During the founding days of Owen Roe the economic recession caused the winery to be “strapped for cash” and unable to purchase grapes, which therefore made it difficult for the grape growers to sell their grapes. Owen Roe decided to make a return to the historical practice of sharecropping, by making wine from the grower’s grapes and paying them with a share in the profits once the wine sold. The aptly named “Sharecropper’s” label was a success and continues on today, although the winery is now able to pay for the grapes up front.

Bright ruby in colour with aromas of raspberry, cherry blossom and hints of roasted nuts. A lively acidity joined fresh cherry and raspberry flavours along with smooth leather elements in the light to medium body, whilst pleasantly dry tannins, hints of white peppercorn and smooth leather elements comprised the graceful finish. Refined and light in style, each silky smooth sip bursts with bright, fresh fruit making it excellent for sipping on its own or with a wide variety of dishes.

Pinot Noir [I could not verify varietal percentage]
Willamette Valley
Produced and Bottled by Sharecropper’s Wine Co
$22 [average price]
Enjoy now thru 2017

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