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Conti di Buscareto Lacrima di Morro d’Alba 2011

A snowy, blustery evening found both my husband and myself feeling as though we were coming down with colds. My solution was to make a healthy soup with heirloom carrots and parsnips, and open a hearty bottle of wine. The Conti di Buscareto estate was founded in 2002 by Enrico Giacomelli and Claudio Gabellini, wine lovers and entrepreneurs with a vision of rediscovering native Marche varietals, and to “produce wine with a new, modern method”. Morra d’Alba is located in the Marche region on the eastern coast of Italy, it is the nearby village where the Lacrima vineyards are. Lacrima translates to “tears” in Italian and is thought to refer to the fact that the grape’s skin weeps drops of juice when it is fully ripe. [Hence the apt tear depicted on the label.]

Dark violet in colour with abundant aromas of candied violets, dark berries and earth. Blackberry, cranberry and floral notes comprised the full body, whilst smoky earth and meaty elements lingered lavishly between each sip. With an engaging contrast of delicate floral notes and dense meaty flavours, this is a focused glass that will keep you reaching for more.

100% Lacrima
Morro d’Alba/Marche
Bottled in Ostra by Conti di Buscareto S.R.L.
13% Alcohol
Enjoy now thru 2018

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