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Leonucci Stefano Montignanello LS010 2010

Sagrantino is a native Umbrian grape known for its dense fruit and high tannins, currently only about 300 acres are under cultivation and is therefore not widely known or easily accessible. Thankfully, a handful of producers are now working diligently with this unique grape to make a comeback. Azienda Leonucci is a family run estate located in the hills of Montignano in Umbria, central Italy. The 70 hectare estate is headed by Leonucci Stefano and consists of 10 hectares of vineyards. Leonuci is an independent winemaker with a focus on respecting nature. He works his soils minimally, and believes “Nature does not have borders or limits, you have to work with it”. He is passionate about native varietals, and along with Sagrantino, he is trying to save the indigenous Lugliolo from extinction.

Inky purple in colour with aromas of cherry, earth, and wispy traces of smoky woods. Cherry and raspberry flavours joined leather notes and smooth, dry tannins, whilst bitter chocolate and nutmeg comprised the savoury finish. A balance of soft fruit, savoury elements and dry tannins make this an excellent glass with hearty dishes.

85% Sagrantino, 15% Merlot
15% Alcohol
Estate Bottled by Leonucci Stefano
$ [I could not locate a retail price online. I paid $10.50 per glass.]
Enjoy now thru 2016

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