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Meletti Amaro Liqueur

After two superb bottles of wine and a wonderfully rich dinner, we had zero room left for desert. However, not wanting us to leave a such a splendid dinner incomplete, Natalie, one of the fantastic sommeliers at Otto Enoteca, brought over Meletti Amaro Liqueur to our table. Silvio Meletti founded the Silvio Meletti Company in 1870, today it still is owned and run by the Meletti family. Meletti Amaro is made from a secret, ancient family recipe of a proprietary blend of aromatic herbs and botanicals, with the unique additions of saffron and caramel.

Rich amber in colour with aromas of mint and cinnamon. Smooth flavours of apricot, summer hay and baking spices evolved into sweet honey and traces of slightly bitter tree bark that lingered invigoratingly between each sip. On the lighter, more subtle side of many Amori, this is a fantastic digestif that contributes a wonderfully refreshing component at the end of a meal.

Le Marche
Produced and Bottled by Ditta Silvio Meletti s.r.l.
32% Alcohol
$18 [average price]

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