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Cantina di Sorbara ‘Nicchia’ Lambrusco di Sorbara NV

I adore Lambrusco. Due to the bad rap it received in the 1970’s, it is vexingly difficult to locate in wine shops in the States, although the buzz is that it is on the threshold of a revival. Lambruscos are fun, fizzy, incredibly food friendly and have low alcohol levels making them super easy drinking and versatile. Cantina di Sorbara is a Cooperative founded by 19 Lambrusco grape producers who combined their individual traditions and expertise shortly after WWI in order to produce high quality Lambrusco. The ‘Nicchia’ Lambrusco is named for the Countess of Castiglione, Virginia Oldoini who was affectionately known as Nicchia. In addition to consequential political achievements such as being credited with the unification of Italy, Nicchia also contributed significantly to the arts, especially with photography and photographer Pierre-Louis Pierson.

Deep red-violet in colour with aromas of cherry and musty yeast, and tasting quite the opposite; a pleasantly acidic backbone supported jammy black cherry, blackberry and plum flavours along with a crisp finish of minerals and sweet honey. Super easy drinking [with an extremely low alcohol content], this is a fantastic glass for patio sipping or to accompany light dishes and appetizers.

Lambrusco [I could not confirm varietal percentage]
Estate Bottled by Cantina di Sorbara S.C.A.
8% Alcohol
Enjoy now

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